Secret Safe allows you to store all of your important information on your phone. Your data is secure but accessible wherever you are! Secret Safe is protected by a password that is separate from your phone’s password. Therefore, while keeping your sensitive data just a password away from your fingertips, you can still conveniently use your iPhone for music, web access, and phone calls!

Secret Safe has over 30 categories, including: Websites, Contacts, Bank Accounts, Notes, Ideas, Software, Product Serial Numbers, Passwords, Emergency Phone Numbers, Voicemail Accounts, Email Accounts, and many more! Also, store any information you want in the General Information category.

You can browse by category or search by keyword, and Secret Safe integrates neatly with your iPhone’s special features. Send an email, browse a map, make a call, or even go to a website directly from where your data is stored. Many data types have custom editors, for example a sliding money editor or a validating IP address editor.

There is a planned free upgrade to version 1.5 which will include features such as data encryption, computer syncing, usability enhancements, and a few surprises!

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