Secret Safe 1.1 is available!

As you may know, Secret Safe 1.1 is available on the iTunes store. Please update as it provides some nice new features and bugfixes. Version 1.2 is nearing release and it includes some more bugfixes on the issues that you guys have reported.

Version 1.3 will have a backup and restore feature outside of iTunes so we’ll be looking forward to getting that one out there and working towards the 1.5 release which will have the full syncing tool.

Thanks for your support and please let us know which features are most important to you as that will help us drive development towards the best release for your needs!

The Secret Safe Team

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  1. Gergely Lukácsy Says:

    Hi! Nice application, but anyway I would like to make some suggestions:

    - if i give notes to a secret that is too long to fit into one line it is truncatenated in the normal view; that is ok; i cannot however simply click on it to see the full content: i have to go first to edit mode; can you solve this somehow?

    - i think people tend to use either public or private secrets more often than the other; always changing which one i would like to use in the main selection menu is very unconvinient for me; can you somehow allow the user to set a default mode, so she can to it using one click rather than two?

    - can the user somehow add fields to a given category? for example there is no pin2 field for a mobile, although i have pin1, pin2, puk1, puk2 codes, etc.

    keep up the good work, cheers,

  2. Ari Says:

    when will computer synch be available? most important? will I be able to import from another file type?

  3. admin Says:


    These are all very good ideas. We will take a look at adding them in a future version!

    The Secret Safe Team

  4. admin Says:

    Ari: We are hard at work at the syncing solution and expect it to be available this month! The import file types are still being considered. If you have a file type that you would like to be able to import, please email support with details about the file type and they will work with you on seeing if it can be added. Thanks!

    The Secret Safe Team

  5. Marcus Says:

    Hi, I am looking at buying this software, but see you have many updates in the pipeline, will these updates be at an extra cost, if so I will just wait until you have a more usable version.

  6. admin Says:

    Marcus: We are committed to providing our announced updates through 1.5 for free (which will include the syncing capability). We have not discussed future versions beyond that but definitely bugfixes and usability improvements will always be free updates.

  7. bk Says:

    do you offer different languages on secret safe, especially “German”

  8. carl Says:

    If you would do something about the ugly graphics (for example the ugly button-shadows) it would be much nicer too look at :-)

  9. Kathy Says:

    I’ll buy it as soon as 1.5 comes out - I want the ability to sync with my desktop before I buy it…

  10. Joe Says:

    GREAT PRODUCT! When will syncing version be available? Will I have to re-enter all my info when I update?

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