Aug 29

As you may know, Secret Safe 1.1 is available on the iTunes store. Please update as it provides some nice new features and bugfixes. Version 1.2 is nearing release and it includes some more bugfixes on the issues that you guys have reported.

Version 1.3 will have a backup and restore feature outside of iTunes so we’ll be looking forward to getting that one out there and working towards the 1.5 release which will have the full syncing tool.

Thanks for your support and please let us know which features are most important to you as that will help us drive development towards the best release for your needs!

The Secret Safe Team

Jul 24

Thanks for your patience and support during our world-wide release. We are putting the finishing touches and doing final testing on the next FREE update for Secret Safe! It will be called version 1.1 and includes the following most-asked-for features:

  • Encryption (Basic Encryption)
  • Password Change
  • Font Size Adjustment
  • Two safes (one public and one secret)

Your data will automatically be put in the public safe. You will want to immediately go into the new settings panel, and move the data into the secret area. This new secret area is password-protected and encrypted! We hope you will enjoy the free update, and remember to email us if you can think of anything that you think might make your Secret Safe experience even more enjoyable!